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KZ ED3 Metal Micro Moving Coil Unit In Ear Stereo HiFi Music Earphone Headphone For Samsung Iphone Cell Phone


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KZ ED3 Metal Micro Moving Coil Unit In Ear Stereo HiFi Music Earphone Headphone For Samsung Iphone Cell Phone

The KZ ED3 is a professional HiFi midrange headphone, concise unibody metal housing, elegant surface. The Metal housing effectively reduce sound distortion. The new 6.8mm moving coil driver unit with professional 32 core L-OFC cable to promote the sound quality. The ED3 headphone have extended treble and crystal-clear silky midrange detail, resilient bass impact.

1. Elegant clean metal housing    

The ED3 headphone has clean metal housing,  double-deck electroplating surface, with smooth texture. High-precision lathe machines produce all-metal sound chamber. The sturdy structure of the sound chamber effectively reduces undesirable chamber resonance that compromises sound quality, ensuring sound performance.

2. New 6.8mm micro moving coil driver unit

The ED3 headphone with new diaphragm provides multiple sound details. High-Resolution Audio could compete with moving iron. Excellent performance for silky smooth mids.

3. The King of magnet    

The ED3 headphone with neodymium magnet which is the highest performance magnet in the world. The best magnets for producing a strong magnetic field for greater sensitivity in a voice coil, better bass response and higher overall sound quality.

4. 24k gold-plated jack, HiFi lossless cable

Gold-plated jack contact surface to prevent oxidation, reduces signal loss, and provides better audio restoration. 32 core long crygen oxygen-free copper cable, audio signal transmit losslessly. Perfectly restore the sound scene and rich details. The ED3 headphone with this high end material to make the perfect stereo.

Sound Performance

KZ ED3 headphone sound performance prefer to mids and treble. New 6.8mm moving coil driver unit and special metal housing make a HD resolution as good as moving iron. ED3 vocals parts is more emotional than moving iron headphone. The vocals, parts especially loud female vocals with penetration and rich emotion.


Model KZ ED3
Drive Unit 6.8mm
Driver Type Moving coil
Impedance 18Ω
Frequency Response 18-22000Hz
Connector Type 3.5mm, L shape, Gold-plated
Cord Length 120cm
Color Silver gray
Weight 26g

Package Included:

1 x KZ ED3 In Ear Earphone

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