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1.6mx0.5m Cloth Black Speaker Grill Cloth Stereo Gille Fabric Speaker Mesh


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1.6mx0.5m Cloth Black Speaker Grill Cloth Stereo Gille Fabric Speaker Mesh  
Material: Cloth
Size: 50x160cm
Function: dustproof
How to Use:
1. Press the actual size of the grille cloth cut good width (the cloth must be greater than the area of the frame)
2. Apply glue in the corner.
3. Mesh taut, edge surrounds the frame press firmly.
The beautiful and practical DIY finished grille, is not it great sense of accomplishment!
Net Cover Cloth Uses:
Mesh is glued to the front of the frame Speaker Speaker, one is nicely decorated; second to let high school bass not too strong directivity horn to sound harmonious mix, if the high school bass speaker position distance, you will feel treble bass sound less integration, but after cloth cover Internet can not see because the speaker is like a mix of tone is the same; three years is that we can be well protected speaker, speaker not easily let down to, so the speaker does not Muddy dirt will soon become old.
Package included:
1 x 0.6mx0.5m Speaker Mesh Cloth

Detail pictures: